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Financial Support is the home of chill-out, where you’ll enjoy the finest Downtempo, Electronica and Chillout music picked by a staff of music enthusiasts.

Kommunity have the human touch.. You may ask ‘What is meaning of "human touch"? It means music you’ve been listening on our channel not selected by a computer algorithm. Therefore, There is a huge effort being spent by our staff. Our goal is to bring you the finest music which you can listen, sit back and relax.

We’re part of Electronic Music Radio Group (EMRG), dedicated to supporting and promoting new, emerging electronic music artists. EMRG is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and we depend entirely on listener support to be able to operate. Our 501(c)(3) status allows us to pay more affordable licensing fees, but we need your help to pay those royalties plus all the other expenses needed to operate

We're here to provide the finest relaxion moods when you need it most. Please be there for us and help us by donating. Even small amounts count..We say thank you for being part in our story.

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